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The Snail Text Malo, Bearbeitung drJAW, Musik drJAW
I`m guarded
Save and hiding well
Nothing disturbes my peace
Residing in my stable shell
Unscated content
The speed at which
I conquer
So Slow precariously
So cumbrous with my carapace
My sacret manoply
Oh once in a while
I race my head to
Dare the world outside
Should I entcounter ache instead
Liquiti split
I hide
Consealment is my middle name
My way to deal with life
Oh yeah oh I`m a life dealer
Fortune or fame is not my game
It`s comfort that I strive
Somtimes late at night
I dream of birds 
They fly so high
Their plumage golden sunlight gleam
My tears
Breathe my breath Text Malo, Musik drJAW
Deep down inside my crippelt soul,
Deep down where only darkness reigns,
I stumble fuming, steaming, blind
As hunger takes relentless toll.
Oh, how i want to sink my teeth
In someone`s neck and tear him down.
So he could watch my bloody frown
Turn into smiling, soft and meek.
Caressing, sucking steaming flesh 
To swallow life into my womb.
And then to seek my cozy tomb
To dream of those I gaily mashed.
As daylight dwindles, night does fall
Beware, you game, you cattle, sheep.
Your dreams may feel secure and deep,
They`re only there to ease me maul.
My wings they flutter oh so light
As I descend upon your sill,
You pay your due, you pay your bill
When I close in on you at night.
And if I`ve come to rip your loved
Don`t ever think about retrieval
You´d only find the purest evil,
From down below to up above.
Don´t come to find my lonely bed,
My daylight harbour or my cave
Might you be coward or be brave
Stay home, be better of instead.
Stay home, away, with striken eyes,
Clutch all your loved ones close to you
And spare them pain and death and woe,
For where I visit someone dies.
But if you`re brave, come close to me
Look up just once, come breathe my breath.
You eye me once, you challenge me.
You´ve eyed your last, embrace your death.
La Finca Blanca - Y Los tres ficcos Text und Gitarre Malo, Rest drJAW
Mary Christmas to everyone
This year we´ll have lots of fun
We rob the rich
Give nothing to the poor
Our christmas spirit is hard to endure
500 deers to pull our sled
We chase the living chase the death
This christmas journey
Is bound to hell
We on our way your souls to sell
Mary Christmas ho-ho-ho
This year we´ll have Chrystal snow
We wellcome you to our show
Mary Christmas here we go