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Liars - Thanks to Anthony
I like liars
They are beatyful
We all liars
We ly – for what?
You are anxious?
You are greedy?
You want control?
I love the gentle liars
The low liars
The soft liars
The cynical too
The woman liars
Who makes me to a stronger liar
You are a liar
I am a liar
I love my liar friends
We are friends and liars too
You must lie
I had to lie
I pray for stronger lies
Pray for good lies
`Cause we will not see it all
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Be Smooth
Hey man,
Have a ticket for me?
Una ticket?
Due praego.
Hey folks,
On a sunny day like this
You go with your lovely
Go to the nature
Air on land
Song of love
Loving hearts
Smooth, be smooth
Be so smooth
When you come here
By my side
When you come here
Give me your hand
Loving hearts